2021 iPhone: New Portless Apple Smartphone

iPhone 2021
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iPhone 2021, a future smartphone powered by iOS 14 and created by Apple. iPhone 2021 release date is finally revealed. It is exclusively covered by our team.

A YouTube creator who has successfully predicted many recently release dates and design as well as features, has leaked one more news about upcoming iPhone. According to the report released by Jon Prosser, the very next iPhone may be portless that gonna be release in 2021.

If you were waiting for the portless iPhone in 2020, they you’re expecting too much from Apple. You won’t see portless smartphone by Apple until 2021. Along with portless design, you’ll get 5G technology on upcoming release.

iPhone 13
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According to Jon Prosser, Apple may skip USB-C charging port from the upcoming smartphone under their brand. iPhone 13 won’t have any port including charging port. Users won’t get charging port or lightning cable at all. Instead of that, Apple is planning to release more stable and powerful wireless charging technology. It will be disappointing to see no headphone jack into iPhone 13 at all.

With these type of measures, Apple is trying to make better water resistance smartphone. The report suggests, Apple wants to make more supportive design to support IP68 technology that is already released and introduced with iPhone 11 Pro last year.

There are millions users who still want to see wire charging with port along with high quality audio sound with the help of head phone or lightning connector for headphone support. If Apple ditch these ports, it would deeply hurt the sale. However, Jon Prosser thinks that this change will create many other possibility to create better and stable iPhone design.

Now, finally please tell us in the comment section what do you like? Do you still want to see charging port and headphone jack or you need portless iPhone 13 in 2021?

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