AltStore: Install iPA Apps for Free

There’s no boundaries now, you can have unlimited number of apps on your iPhone or iPad whatever iOS device you’re using and you can just download AltStore on your iPhone to install these apps.

Installing and downloading this App Store involves some easy steps and that doesn’t require jailbreak at all. So, if  you’re not a big fan of jailbreak, you can completely bypass that thing here on AltStore.

This App Store is fully compatible for iOS 14 and previous version of iOS, so no worry in that too. Now, the question comes, how to download and what are the other requirements to download and install AltStore on iOS 14 or on previous version running on iPhone or iPad.


  • Operating System: There can be only two platform supported as operating system. First is your favorite Mac OS and another is Windows OS. Now, you can use any of these operating system to handle AltStore.
  • iOS 14 and other supported firmware: This is very important part to read and understand. If you have iOS 12 or any newer version up to iOS 14 final public in this series, then you can easily enjoy any number of applications from AltStore iPhone app.
  • You must have to download iPA files to install using AltStore, you can use iPA Library to download iPA files as per your needs.

Download iTweak app and install apps without AltStore

Download AltStore?

There’s two different process and different steps for Windows and Mac OS. So, follow steps according to your need.

For Windows Users: Windows 10 users have to download iTunes. Without iTunes, you won’t be able to download AltStore. So, the first step should be downloading iTunes on your Windows if you want to use Alt Store or manage your iOS device.

  • Download iTunes from Apple web page.
  • Download and update the latest version of iCloud, it is also available on Apple website.
  • Finally, you need AltStore app for Windows that can be downloaded.
  • Open Alt Store zip file and open “Setup.exe”. You need to follow some on screen instructions before finally installing it on your iPhone or any iOS device.
  • Now connect your iPhone to your Windows computer with the data cable.
  • Open AltStore and tap on Install Alt Store and you need to choose your iOS device here.
  • Complete the installation.

For MacOS Users:

Steps and process is quite similar on both Windows and MacOS. So, follow below steps. For you, Mac OS users don’t need to download iTunes or iCloud because they already have it.

  • MacOS users just need to download AltStore MacOS file.
  • Once you’ve that file downloaded open it and install Mail Plugin.
  • Now, you need to connect your iPhone or iPad and install Alt Store on your iOS device.
  • Done

AltStore: How to Install Apps

So finally, you’ve AltStore on your iPhone or iPad and now you will most probably thinking about installing some apps using this store. Right, we can understand your feelings.

  • You just need to look our iPA Library to download iPA files directly to your iPhone and install using AltStore.
  • Once you downloaded your favorite iPA file that you wanna install, open AltStore app and locate My Apps section.
  • You can install the iPA file by tapping on + icon on that page.
  • System will ask you for Apple ID and password and following that you will be able to install that iPA file easily.

So, you’re now able to download and install any iPA file that you want using AltStore. If you’ve any query or doubt, you can ask in the comment section.

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