InjectBox (iOS and Android) offers an easy way to install apps, tweaks, modded games as well as paid premium services for free. Whether they’re really free and what is behind that, we’ll try to understand that today.

InjectBox is very much similar and lookalike site as You’ll notice one common thing that both the website install apps or games by injecting either iPA file or any code into your iOS device.

How Does It Work?

In other way, iPhone App store that is powered by iOS runs and works differently. You must go there, search an app, input your password to download and install that app or game whether it is free or paid. Before every installation, you must either use your fingerprint or password to install apps. This is something more secure than InjectBox. Actually, this practice creates more secure way to install any app on your iPhone or iPad.

Is Inject-Box Safe?

Now, the question will be in your mind that should you install apps from Inject Box or not? Well, it depends on you. Personally, I tried installing an app from Inject-Box to test and to publish this report. I found no issue at all. But, please keep this in your mind that I tried only one app to see installation process and all.

How to Download Modded Apps from InjectBox?

Well, it is quite easy. You’ll learn that within a minute.

First, you must head to download or access InjectBox.COM

Now, you can follow below steps…

  1. Once you’re on Inject Box, you’ll tap on search feature.
  2. There, you need to write down or type app or tweak name that you want to install.
  3. When you tap search button, it will come with some search result. Alternatively, you can scroll down the page and search your desire app and tap on that.
  4. When you tap the app from search or from front page, you’ll see next screen with the box that will ask you to inject app.
  5. There’s some information regarding the installation, when you will tap on Inject code, the configuration file was downloaded.
  6. After downloading, open that file, app will be installed.

Done. Everytime when you install any tweak or app, you must follow this.

InjectBox Like Apps

Well, there are bunch of such apps available on the entire web. The most trusted and working app is Cydia Impactor. If you’re looking from rock solid secure app except iOS app store, then you can download iTunes on your PC or Mac to install apps.

If you’re looking for NetFlix or Spotify premium service, you can either purchase their valuable services and avoid any risk to your iPhone or iPad. Alternatively, try to install apps from injectbox to try them before purchasing.

Now, please give your feedback in the comment section about your opinion about InjectBox app installer.

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