iTweak: iOS & Android App Gone Free is a unique concept developed specially for iOS devices. I don’t think that It will work for Android. But, I guess, developer is working hard to make it available in APK format for Android too.


Install it

You can head to download web store and check the actual look and features on the go.

In first visit, we feel that whole thing works without jailbreak or Cydia for iOS. The first page of the website shows different apps and games listed. Most of the modded version of popular games are listed on the front page of iTweak.

When first time, I hit Lucky Patcher, a popular iOS tweak that unlock paid apps and free in app purchases, the website opened another page in pop up format that told me to inject that app code into my iPhone. So, we can assume that it injects iPA directly to our iPhone, but I’m still not sure that they do such way.

iTweak Apps, Games for Android, iOS

The draw back was, they don’t offer any tutorial or video that demonstrate the process of installing. site is looking legitimate with bunch of modded apps and games. But to prove the smooth working process, they should have to upload at least one tutorial.

You may have a lot of question in your mind regarding iTweak vip app store. I’ll try to address them in later section of this experience report.

How to Download i Tweak vip

How to install Apps?

One can easily do this by following simple steps. But, before installing you should understand few important things. Take note of below points…

iTweak ask you to inject app on iOS

  1. First Download iTweak App Store. Alternatively, you can access their site from your iPhone or iPad directly.
  2. Once you’ll be on their website page from your iPhone or iPad, tap on any app or game listed on the first page.
  3. The very next page or popup, web app will ask you to inject the app into your iPhone. Tap on “Inject Code” button.
  4. On next screen, you need to follow some simple instructions.
  5. Finish it.

So, installation part is easy for any tweak.



As I told above, I’ll take some questions regarding the app.

1. Is available for iOS?

Ans: iOS app store is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It is irrespectively work on any iOS firmware whether you’ve iOS 13.4.1 or iOS 14.

2. Does it work without jailbreak iOS?

Ans: iTweak works without jailbreak. It is developed such way that it work without jailbreak on any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

3. Is it safe?

Ans: Look, we must understand installation process how iTweak deal with the installation part on any iOS firmware. So, we can wait further from the website owner to post a clarification on the installation process.

4. Alternatives?

Ans: There are many good alternatives to iTweak vip app. TweakBox, Tutuapp, Panda Helper, iOS Haven are few of them.

iTweak Alternatives

Since there are few top level alternatives available for app store, I’m extending the report with those apps.


This is the top notch alternative to iTweak at the moment. If you remember vShare iOS and Android app, Tutuapp is a new kind of such app store. Android users have good option to go with Tutu rather than this app store because they can download Tutuapp apk any time they want. This is not possible with iTweak vip store. You can find any Android or APK link on their website.

As far as apps are concern, we can be easily seen that has more tweaks, apps and modded games on their app store. But finally decision is yours. At last, I found Tutu is more transparent than iTweak.


I got many many request to post some clarification on TweakBox and iTweak connections. Look, both the app stores work differently. They both have different apps and games. Both apps developed by different developers too.

TweakBox is wonderful app store for iOS devices. Just like, TweakBox is also not available for Android devices.

If you need more alternatives or details about iTweak app, please comment below and share your queries. I’ll surely add some useful info about it.

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  1. I have downloaded two apps but can’t download the apps, the screen keeps showing the two apps for the manufacturer to fix

    • This also happened to me, seems like its not working. When I reset the phone back to manufacturers default and tried again I cannot even download the apps.

    • I have downloaded two apps but can’t download the apps, the screen keeps showing the two apps for the manufacturer to fix. Yes, This same thing happened with me.


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