iPhone SE Plus: Reportedly Release Date Set to Late 2021

iPhone SE 2021
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iPhone SE Plus is gonna big screen budget phone in the year of 2021. Apple already released iPhone SE 2020. According to trustful sources, new iPhone SE Plus is set to be released late next year.

Experts believe that recently released iPhoneSE2 was a clone of iPhone8 with minor changes. According to them, Apple wanted to use scraped iPhone8’s spare parts. Now, iPhone SE Plus may also get the spare parts of iPhone8 Plus.

There are many rumors about the new release, but we’ve come up with the series of update regarding this release and features.

iPhone SE Plus 2021 Release

9to5mac reports, the new iPhone SE Plus may get the release date in late 2021. This  could be really a bad news for the users who were waiting for the bigger screen iPhoneSE2. Priorly, this smartphone was planned to be released in this year. According to the report, Apple was planning to release iPhone SE 2 and Plus edition together.

New iPhone SE Plus Release Date 2020
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We tried further to know which things have cause this delay. And, we found that Covid-19 Pandemic could be the possible reason. Large number of production units have been shut down during this pandemic. It stopped mass production of iPhone SE Plus.

iPhone SE Plus Screen Size and Design

This is the most controversial part of new release. Some reports suggest 5.5 inch display while others have 6.1 screen size. All of them have their own opinions and clues. Till the date, there’s no confirmed report released or leaked that can prove exact iPhone SE Plus screen and design details. According to our research, iPhoneSE2 Plus will be another iPhone 8 Plus clone. Means the same size that iPhone8 has.

MacRumors has predicted that new Plus edition won’t feature Face ID. You may see a bigger screen with Touch ID sensor built in to power button. It is most likely located at the right side of iPhone SE Plus. According to this report, you may not see larger bezels that come with regular iPhone SE 2nd Generation. However, Apple may add a regular notch at the front side at top of the phone.

Please share your thoughts and opinions about the design of new release of 2021.

iPhone SE 2 Plus Features

What do you expect from the new iPhone SE Plus? As far as features are concern, you shouldn’t expect too much. Actually, there are many or we can see too much new iPhones have been released in too many variants.

New plus edition, may have A14 Bionic Chip to make it most powerful phone after iPhone12. Most likely, you may see 128 GB, 256 GB and a regular 64 GB variant with this plus edition.

iPhone SE 2 Plus 2020
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Night Mode was missing in iPhone SE 2nd Generation. The feature was useful in camera app too. We can see that Apple will bring back the Night mode for various apps and settings with iPhone SE Plus edition.

Further more, one can expect larger battery. Nowadays, most of the Android smartphone have been releasing with larger battery up to 6000 mAh. At least, we can expect unto 4200 mAh battery with iPhone SE Plus edition. However, the most accurate prediction would be 2675 mAh power battery. This is the same specs that you experience with iPhone8Plus.

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